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  1. Pilot finds hole in plane's fuselage; airline and FBI investigate

    By Rich Phillips, CNN

    March 29, 2011 -- Updated 0222 GMT (1022 HKT)


    (CNN) -- A US Airways 737 pilot in Charlotte, North Carolina, discovered a small hole in the exterior of his plane's fuselage Monday, prompting the airline to take the plane out of service and for the FBI to begin an investigation.


    "During a pre-flight inspection, one of our captains noticed a small hole in the fuselage," said US Airways spokeswoman Valerie Wunder.


    "Safety is paramount, so we took that aircraft out of service and our maintenance team is investigating," she said.


    Wunder said that she had not seen the aircraft and could not characterize the size or shape of the hole, but said it was towards the rear of the aircraft.


    Amy Thorseson, spokeswoman for the FBI in Charlotte, confirmed that the federal agency had an evidence team at the scene, but it was not immediately known what caused the hole in the plane.


    The plane -- a 737-400 designated as flight 1161 from Philadelphia -- landed without incident at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport at about 4 p.m.


    The plane holds 144 passengers, according to the US Airways website.


    It was not immediately known how many people were aboard the aircraft, but all of the passengers were accommodated on other flights, according to a US Airways spokeswoman.

  2. Hi Daniel,


    17th and 18th is on my working day. And my work place is no longer at the airport but at the Swettenham Pier now. As much as I would like to take you the those places for spotting, but I'm terribly sorry that I unable to accompany you during your spotting 'excursion'. My off-day is now fixed on Saturdays and Sundays.

  3. Thanks for the info jieloe. Sadly, come February onwards, I may not be able to post much on PEN activities since I will be stationed at nearby Swettenham Pier for a few months up to a year. But still available for weekend spotting though ;)

    And, expect more from me at Boats Galore thread.


    GE guys are still here, with better pic as promised.


  4. Just before 10am, I moved to the bus stop and tried Yusoff's rock!! View is a bit restricted but managed some.

    Hah! My rock now, huh...? :D :D

    Superb shots Laurie & MIR

    MIR, those pics of new airport are on the banners along the wall at arrival hall... I was looking for a better pics. Banner tak mau [don't want] :D


    N910MW. Belongs to General Electric Credit Corp Of Tennessee

    Love the tail logo - A kid and a dog, running :)

    She should have parked facing starboard side. Would have been much nicer...


    Sorry, handphone cam. I try again tomorrow with better camera, IF she's still there.

  5. How come no one reporting about the new Penang International Airport?

    I've been searching for the pics of the new airport/terminal before Najib came for the launching ceremony. To no avail, I've stopped searching. Earlier today, I found the model has been encased and displayed at the airport info counter on the departure floor. And since you've got nicer photo from skyscrapercity, thank you very2 much. Was thinking about to bring the camera to the airport tomorrow.


    Being at the airport day in and day out, it is a terrible experience. Dust here and there. Constant drilling and jackhammering makes you feel like you're having a root canal for hours. And sometimes you can feel the airport is shaking when the heavy machineries are moving about. The arrival hall and the whole ground floor, is like the Puduraya bus terminal. Terrible.



    I photographed the GLEX from seat 19E, 9M-FYI :)

    FYI :rofl:

    And a spanking new aircraft!


    These were on Thursday 20th


    CI sent B-18605, with FYA on the background



    ETOPS certified. See the FO is wearing (goalkeeper's) gloves :D






    HS-ABL from BKK. 'Body Slam Live In Asia (?)'



    Late afternoon happy hour




  6. GLEX has been at PEN for a couple of days. I can't get a decent pic of her :( Good job MIR. Were you on the apron or on board an aircraft next to it?

    BTW, at around 5.30pm yesterday, I saw 9M-MXA (I think) parked next to this GLEX. Still the new scheme looks lazy to me...


    Today, I got bored so off to the Departure Hall I went...


    B-18615 from TPE taxiing to Gate 7.



    Over to Gate 8, the dirty, outdated "ZOOM!" AK (9M-AFQ) shows us how the air flows on her fuselage

    Before the wing front edge (fore-wing??)...



    ... and just behind the wing




  7. 70-200mm is more than enough for beach spot. I like that spot, we can sit under a shade, enjoy the sea breeze and eating peanuts while waiting for the aircraft to arrive.


    Very nice Yusoff, I did not know each Fedex plane got a name.

    I surprised to see that too... but I couldn't manage to get the portside head shot of the A310 to get its name though... :(


    Beach spot not bad for taking photos !!!


    How many mm needed from there ? :huh:

    Tempting, huh?... wanna spot at PEN? :p

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