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  1. thanks guys for such an overwhelming welcome. Feels like i've known u guys for years. Well, guess I'll meet u at Subang this weekend. See ya!
  2. hi guys! Guess I'm new here. Actually I kinda stumbled upon this site after making a search about the A380. My interest in the aircraft was sparked after watching the documentary about it on discovery channel. One of the results was the video on the aircraft's landing in KLIA recentlywhich was posted on this site. I must say it was a very good job, providing video coverage (or spotting as you would call it) for the general public on the aircraft's "visit" to KLIA not too long ago. Kudos to you good people over there. It kinda surprised me (in a pleasant way of course) that there is actually an aviation enthusiast club/ forum in Malaysia. All I know is that there are endless list of car enthusiast clubs out there but not aviation. I have been an aircraft enthusiast since school and most of my friends perceived me as rather weird coz of my obsession with everything that fly especially military aircrafts. I make it a point to attend the LIMA show almost everytime when it is held in Langkawi. Its been my dream to become a pilot one day (if I can come up with the 100K or more for the lessons fees) heh heh . Well the closest thing would be to have friends who share the same interest as me and to chance upon this site was like, really wonderful. I don't think I've met anyone in Penang who has the passion for aircraft. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I never knew that air carnivals are held in malaysia other than the LIMA show in Langkawi. Since this year its gonna be held at SZB, I would make every effort to turn up there to fuel my burning passion for aircraft. You see, the cost of visiting the LIMA show is very prohibitive as price of things over there seem to shoot upwards everytime the show is held. Maybe the locals there have a penchant for jacking up prices, just like our govt with the fuel prices, water tariff and what not. Anyway,I will be looking forward to meeting up with you good people at your booth. And the timing couldn't be better as it will coincide with the A1GP this weekend since I plan to go there too. Err, mind telling me what kind of aircraft that will be displayed there? Will there be any military jets? Will there be any entrance fee and will there be any restrictions on bringing children along? Well, its been wonderful reading the forums on all things aircraft in here. Once again, congratulations on setting up this website. Good work guys!
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