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  1. Going to the event March 19--21. Looking for car rental (6-seater), but no availability from the major service providers. Does any of you know of anybody from whom I can rent a car?
  2. A place so close to my heart, it's hard to learn of such news and seeing the actual crash footage. May the perished souls rest in peace and the survived healed of trauma.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_WmjWAGkLI This wind related incident is really new to me... Never imagined seeing planes flying off haphazardly like this...
  4. But then, how many projects or rather how many percentage of projects in Malaysia are well-planned and well executed?
  5. Any scheduled exercise from insiders on Sunday June 15, 2014?
  6. Haha... Yeah, I know. Same with that KLIA2 new airport and LCCT airport thingy.
  7. Malaysia Airlines' aircraft are designed to withstand lightning strike and dissipate the electrical charges through the aircraft bonding system safety. Safety and comfort of its passengers are of topmost priority to Malaysia Airlines. Wonder which other airline's airplanes are also designed to withstand lightning strike. Very important... You don't wanna be on an airline whose planes are not protected from lightning strikes. I hope no such airlines operate in and out of the new KL airport KLIA2.
  8. Once few years ago a police sergeant forced me to accept a lobsided report by intimidation--raising his voice and shouting at me like a father shouting at his son not to try to explain yourself. (I look like a fledgling little bird.)
  9. And it seems like he's calling to Singapore Radar in Malaysian airspace?
  10. Media... How many years have they called LCCT an airport; now they are calling KLIA2 an airport. But I must agree KLIA2 is kinda misleading, unless it means KLIA Phase 2.
  11. The media is telling us we have KLIA airport, LCCT airport, and KLIA2 the newest airport. Three airports, sir.
  12. I am confused. Where should one board one's AK flight on that day? No, we have three airports (KLIA, LCCT, and KLIA2) sharing the same three runways, taxiways, ICAO code, SIDs, STARs, etc.
  13. I don't think I understand what an airport is now...
  14. Nice. Nice to see PEN traffic.
  15. Oh dear KLIA needs to do a lot more... It's a nice airport, but they need to improve on (non LCC) traffic and service.
  16. Gosh. May the two of them rest in peace. My deepest condolence to the families. Fly safe.
  17. Yeah, I've observed that even in the afternoon, these days, Rwy 04 is the active runway...
  18. Capt. Radzi, could you elaborate a bit on the Rwy 22 approach? I haven't seen traffic pattern approach into Rwy 22 for many years now, and Rwy 22 approach itself seem to be very rare these days.
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