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  2. Since there are not many deliveries in 2021, we will let this thread continue into 2021. A small update from skyliner: Airbus A330-343 MSN1481 REG:9M-XXP AirAsia X ferried 15feb21 KUL-SYD-WTB for storage
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  4. Top Hong Kong poker player raises bet on AirAsia Group via private placement https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/hong-kongs-stanley-choi-emerges-substantial-shareholder-airasia
  5. Bloomberg report: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-22/malaysia-airlines-parent-firm-gets-green-light-for-restructuring Khazanah did not have a choice - they have to keep MAG going and bail them out again! With Covid-19 vaccinations progressing now, there should be some hopes that travel will resume by 2H 2021. MAB should be looking at what routes they will begin to operate in that period. It is likely that more weight will be given to routes where cargo traffic is highest. They need to evaluate what their fleet requirements are and drop aircraft if they are surplus to requirements. With lease rates lower these days, there is no real need to replace their relatively young aircraft fleet. They may only want to look at receiving new aircraft after 2025. Boeing will surely push them to take delivery of their Max 8 on schedule. Good thing that the Max 10 is delayed. As for widebodies, the A380 looks like it is gone. The A350 is good for the LHR service (and maybe to Japan and Australia). MAB should also consider using the A350 to reintroduce pax service to AMS. It is likely that Europe will open up to travellers sooner than Asia Pacific. Many A333s will see their leases expire - MAB should negotiate aggressively to extend these at a much lower rate because the A333 were used for cargo flights and will continue to be a useful aircraft to have, especially at lower lease rates. The PW4170 engines are still young and should still be good - but MAB must inspect the blades closely. Lets hope that MAB can be more transparent and let us know what their plans are for the coming years.
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  7. Khazanah Nasional to inject RM3.6b in Malaysia Airlines after UK Court approves the airline's RM16b restructuring plan KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 22): Khazanah Nasional Bhd, the sole shareholder of Malaysia Airlines Bhd, has committed to inject RM3.6 billion in new capital into the national carrier's holding company Malaysia Aviation Group Bhd (MAG), to fund the group's business until 2025. Malaysia Airlines’ RM16 billon debt restructuring plan has been given the green light by the UK High Court today, with the deal set to complete by early next month. In a statement this evening, MAG said the UK High Court has sanctioned a scheme of arrangement under Part 26 of the UK Companies Act 2006 between MAG’s leasing entity MAB Leasing Ltd and the majority of MAG’s aircraft operating lessors today. https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/khazanah-nasional-inject-rm36bil-malaysia-airlines-after-uk-court-approves-airlines-rm16bil
  8. Malaysia Airlines plane with Jalur Gemilang livery to bring in Covid-19 vaccine on Sunday (Feb 21) from: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2021/02/18/malaysia-airlines-plane-with-jalur-gemilang-livery-to-bring-in-covid-19-vaccine-on-sunday-feb-21 😃
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  10. Just an armchair assessment from me, but it would be interesting to see which airline would be first to become a fully integrated tourism player. This means cutting out all other players and middle man ie: Travel Agents (Online included), Taxi/Buses, even Hotels. . JAL had something similar with Hotel Nikko and Airport Shuttles running between the airport. With COVID19, they could take it even further with tour packages going only to their "Properties" ie Hotel, Restaurant, Beaches etc. All minor investments compared to buying a B787 AND it's currently a buyers market if anyone is looking for hotels or tourism related plays. The local businesses (run by the airline) would contribute tax back to the local Govt. Definitely less competition since your passengers will only stay at your hotel, but standards are able to be kept consistently throughout the trip. If some thing goes wrong, only 1 entity to complain to. It would be something new, say if the hotel room AC broke, and compensation was an upgrade for the flight out the next day 😁 Business travel has likely seen it's peak in 2019, after COVID19 and thanks to Zoom / Online Meetings there is nearly no reason for that "last minute" Business Class + 5* (3 nights stay) + Travel Allowance to LHR for an urgent meeting anymore. Trade off for having more flexible working hours in the new normal. In terms of the tourism eco-system, Airlines are the most well funded compared to all other player. Even Hotel Chains don't own or even lease most of their properties leaving it to the franchise holder to shoulder all the business risk. Airlines are different, whereby even if a plane is leased, the money is already out of pocket and will continue to be drawn on regardless if that plane is used. So I expect Airlines have the most incentive to come up with a way to get out of this hole.
  11. AirAsia Group has transferred AirAsia Japan A320-216ceo JA02DJ (MSN 6972) back to Malaysia mainline as 9M-RAU. JA01DJ (MSN 6702) and JA03DJ (MSN 8746) have also returned to KUL in late January 2021.
  12. any idea which carrier and aircraft type that will bring back pfizer vaccine on this 26Feb ?
  13. After languishing at KLIA for two weeks, AP-BMH was flown back to Islamabad earlier today 29th January 2021. https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/ap-bmh https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/court-orders-malaysian-govt-release-pakistan-international-airlines-plane It was stated PIA has paid USD 7 million out of the USD 14 million owed by PIA towards the lessor.
  14. MSN 9512 A321-251NX AirAsia Malaysia (9M-VAC) to North-West Air Air Company, currently stored at Tallinn Airport, Estonia. MSN 9516 A320-251NX Thai AirAsia ntu (unassigned), currently stored in full livery minus engine at TLS. MSN 9524 A321-251NX AirAsia Malaysia ntu (9M-VAD) to North-West Air Air Company, currently stored at Tallinn Airport, Estonia with MSN 9512 MSN 9525 A320-251NX AirAsia India VT-ATE, delivered 26th November 2020. MSN 9566 A320-251NX AirAsia Japan ntu (JA04DJ) to SkyExpress as SX-TEC, delivered to new owner 23rd December 2020. MSN 10079 A320-251NX AirAsia Malaysia ntu (9M-RAU), still stored at Chateauroux Airport, France in full AirAsia livery. MSN 10083 A320-251NX AirAsia Malaysia to SkyExpress as SX-IOG, delivered to new owner 27th November 2020. MSN 10156 A320-251NX AirAsia India VT-ATG, delivered 9th December 2020. NOTES: #4 and #8 are not NTU. Delivery was heavily delayed due to COVID19, guess Tata bankrolled their deliveries Previously listed MSN 10161 A321-251NX is meant for Capital Airlines since factory fresh, not AirAsia ntu. Only A320-251NX MSN 9516 and MSN 10079 are still looking for new home, out of six NTUs.
  15. Analysts say AirAsia’s private placement plan critical to keep it afloat https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/airasias-private-placement-move-right-direction
  16. ISLAMABAD (Jan 15): A Pakistan International Airlines plane has been held back by Malaysian authorities over a British court case, the airline said on Friday, adding that it would pursue the matter through diplomatic channels. The Boeing 777 aircraft was seized after a court order, an airline spokesman said, and alternative arrangements were being made for passengers due to fly back to Pakistan. "A PIA aircraft has been held back by a local court in Malaysia taking a one-sided decision pertaining to a legal dispute between PIA and another party pending in a UK court," a PIA spokesman said in a statement. The national carrier in a statement described the situation as "unacceptable" and said it had asked for support from Pakistan's government to raise the matter diplomatically. https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/pakistan-international-airlines-plane-held-back-msian-authorities-over-uk-court-case-— https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/ap-bmh Aircraft is B777-2Q8ER, AP-BMH. 15 years old vintage from Vietnam Airlines VN-A150 https://www.planespotters.net/airframe/boeing-777-200-ap-bmh-pia-pakistan-international-airlines/e54vwv
  17. Norwegian Ends Plans to Fly Longhaul Norwegian has announced it will no longer fly long-haul routes, even after the pandemic, bringing an end to its low-cost, long-haul vision and spelling the loss of about 1,100 jobs based at Gatwick airport. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/jan/14/norwegian-axes-long-haul-flights-and-cuts-1100-gatwick-jobs#:~:text=Norwegian has announced it will,jobs based at Gatwick airport.
  18. AirAsia X shows court creditors' support for restructuring plan KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 14): Most of AirAsia X Bhd's (AAX) lessors support a restructuring plan, and the Malaysian airline has received interest from potential investors for fundraising after reorganization, court documents filed this month show. In emails attached to the court filings, supportive lessors said they wanted to continue discussions with the budget airline and potential new investors, seeking more equitable terms and new commercial arrangements. More: https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/airasia-x-shows-court-creditors-support-restructuring-plan
  19. The aircraft is now registered as N926PN, registered to a dummy company based at Florida, USA. Last spotted in UK.
  20. The only way moving forward is AirAsia X would be: Drop X brand, consolidate crew A320/A321/A330 and operation Sell off off or returned all A330ceo, Malaysia operation at least. Switch to A321XLR for Malaysia operation with approximately 10 A339neo. Grow from there again. Cut 78 A339neo order to approximately 25, allocate most to Thai operation, small fleet for Malaysia. Switch one-to-one basis A330ceo to A330neo for Thai operation. Move upwards to more premium market for flight above four hours. Concentrate on high load route within Asia Pacific, optimising capacity between China- Aus/New Zealand Build a hub at BKI to East Asia and Australasia (depends on regulatory approval
  21. Considering how AAx restructuring will likely be shoved up manufacturer A's nether region, it's really not too difficult to imagine them being 'joined at hip' 😆
  22. AirAsia Group "joined at hip" with Airbus despite cancellations https://www.reuters.com/article/us-airasia-strategy/airasia-group-not-switching-to-boeing-despite-airbus-cancellations-idUSKBN29G0VE
  23. Airasia X has cancelled its order for 10 A350s in the Airbus Orders and Deliveries report for Dec 2020. https://www.airbus.com/aircraft/market/orders-deliveries.html
  24. Not that spaces are limited in KUL. Plenty of ample bays for long term parking.
  25. Looks like those stored planes should be sent either to Alice Springs or Dubai for storage
  26. I think you are 100% correct. It will be business as usual - there will be no major changes. Same old inefficient, incompetent and overpaid management. Wait for the next "turnaround" plan in 2 or 3 years.
  27. Either plan a or b, creditors will loss and the management remain unchanged. old wine in new bottle.
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