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  2. From the image was the aircraft on A330 / B777 stop mark ?
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  4. Yes, a huge embarrassment - when the PH govt. came into power, many working in the civil service and GLCs were shaking in their pants. They were expecting things to change and heads to roll. That fear subsided within 6 months and everything sort of settled down. Now, can we expect a wake up call? Our politicians are too busy fighting amongst themselves to be serving the people. I do hope that we will have a real choice at the next election so that we can kick out this lot of useless bums.
  5. shouldbe yesterday MYY incident where the engine pylon hits the aerobridge.
  6. Anyone know what happen to 9m-rac ? Heard that this bird involve in a minor accident at airport?
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  9. What an embarrassment... one of the six countries in category 2. How did it get so bad? Politicians busy with airing each other’s dirty laundry and enriching themselves. this will take a lot of time to sort out
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  11. Heard CAAM had a lengthy meeting with FBO yesterday afternoon. It seems issues raised by FAA audit was not act upon within the stipulated period. A major concern now is will EASA follow FAA?
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