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  2. So true, I recall they had (in pre-pandemic times) multiple daily flights into BKI from CAN - I'm guessing perhaps that was intended in part at least as transit feed to CZ's traffic at CAN But even before that, CZ was already the 'go to' carrier doing the school holidays charter flights ex-BKI to far flung secondary Chinese 😄
  3. The media piece says MU, but I have read since then that it will be FM instead Also that CZ will be flying CAN-BKI instead of SZX-BKI One of two options I suppose - either the quoted piece prove be some total hogwash (my sincere apologies if proven be so) or the author of the published piece isn't about to get nominated for mention/prize in any media award ceremony anytime soon 😁
  4. A330-900 with Trent 772 engines?
  5. Stumble upon this on youtube. Air Indonesia Seems to be taking stuff from Garuda's fleet. Also note they're keen on a350-1000 and Q400s.
  6. Honestly not much is known. But note the china based LCCs have already started flying to international destinations.
  7. Most of the the time time the F&B is pretty poor in the J lounge. In the morning there os often a queue to get tea/coffee which is inefficient and pointless/ f they fixed that then Ive no issues with it. The food in the main J lounge is almost the same so there is little benefit making the trip over there. The issue with the F lounge is that the only place that you comfortably sit and work and the dining room which messes things up when it people want a table to eat at.
  8. Let's see where the money goes. New artwork for the lounge or some improvement on board/ground? Or new planes?
  9. How do the plan to crew this? Is there only 1 set of crew for all 6 legs? That seems....very long!
  10. Was it only RM600? Because I recall even Y tickets were around Rm300-400 and SGD 200-300 the other way.
  11. MH will soon be a virtual airline. Just selling its code on other airlines' metal 😬 Just like how JetBlue "flies" into KL and Bali. All nice but with 3 weekly flights and rather odd arrival/departure time (i.e. long layovers), I am not sure passengers are that keen to take KU-MH combo. MH's 359 shares almost the same total capacity as the 333, just that the 359 is more premium heavy. Pakistan Airlines and MH also signed a SPA - again, nice but rather odd flight schedule. I guess every bit helps.
  12. Any particular reason LCCs aren't given the green light till much later?
  13. The F lounge is quiet as it is for most part of the day. It pretty much only gets slightly busy (other than the dining room) past 6PM. I don't know if there are a lot of emeralds flying on regional MH flights (those G/H gates). I'd rather them renovate the current regional and satellite lounge instead (nothing wrong with the current lounge right now but if they have the money to throw around 🤣).
  14. There are new Plaza Premium First and Plaza Premium Lounges open open on L2 near the G gates. This is basically next door to the MH regional golden lounge. I believe these were opened on Monday because I saw the usual floral arrangements at the bottom of the escalator as well as read an article that the YB Loke attended the opening. Its a pity that MH didn't open another F lounge becuase it's a pain to go there on the bus
  15. MU did flew to bki before though on a very limited seasonal run in 2014. So far the longest China based airline that has consistently flown into BKI remains to be China Southern. For now am not sure what sort of clearance China/our local authority gave for BKI but it seems most flights will be give to the China based full service carriers first. The LCCs have not been give the green light until year end. Former flyers into BKI includes Shanghai airlines, Juneyao, Spring air, Lucky air with Kunming mid applying before the pandemic hit.
  16. FM - Shanghai Airlines, they had weekly operation before the pandemic. MU did not fly into BKI pre-pandemic. I guess post-pandemic the arrangement will remain the same. Anyhow, FM belongs to MU Group, same same family but different airlines.
  17. If it helps to fill up MH/KU seats, why not? With the inclusion of KU, MH is now in codesharing/interline agreement with AT, EK, QR, WY, SV and TK, more code sharing ME partners than what SQ/TG/BI currently offers. MH got their Europe and Africa continents well covered, from top Scandinavian countries till end South Africa. Plus, KU is currently operating a very young fleet A320ceo (progressively being replaced)/A320neo/A321neo/A332/A338/B77W. Incoming are A321neo/A321neoLR/A339/A359.
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  19. KU is tiny. But I suppose it's flattering they chose MH...
  20. KePKAS sambut baik pengumuman tiga syarikat penerbangan utama China – Sabah Media CZ, MF & FM gonna make their presence at BKI again next few months 😁
  21. Kuwait Airways announces code-sharing agreement with Malaysia Airlines Kuwait Airways partnership with Malaysian Airline enables us to jointly offer operations to serve our passengers expanded connectivity to Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand from Kuwait via Kuala Lumpur to major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, and Singapore. In addition to popular tourist destinations within Malaysia. Time for Malaysia Airlines to get B787-9/10 or more A350-900/1000 to cater to the crowd. One can dream....
  22. Lets hope they use the A320Neo for this service - they have 3 (over 16 year old) A320Ceos in their fleet.
  23. They use rather old aircraft (although not as old as the AK B733s) - so they should not launch too many flights as their planes can easily go tech!
  24. 1st batch of handover Bki-twu Bki-kch Vice vesa. Bki-sdk not sorted due to insufficient aircraft. 1 aircraft with no spare based in BKI in may doing BKI-TWU-BKI-KCH-MYY-KCH-BKI until end of July. If some issue were to happen in between which i guarantee will happen regardless how spotless or brand new aircraft is. It's going to be the same airasia and myairline domino effect retiming+delay scams again.
  25. Indonesia carrier TransNusa set for Malaysian launch KUALA LUMPUR: TransNusa, an Indonesian airline, is gearing up for its Malaysian launch "very soon" after finally receiving the greenlight to start operating here. In an interview with the New Straits Times recently, PT TransNusa Aviation Mandiri chief executive officer, group aviation Datuk Bernard Francis said the carrier would kickstart its operations with Airbus A320 aircraft from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). "We have got all the approvals from the Malaysian side and also the Indonesian side to start two daily flights from next month. https://www.nst.com.my/business/2023/03/890132/indonesia-carrier-transnusa-set-malaysian-launch
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  27. Disruption continues at MYAirline https://www.msn.com/en-MY/news/other/myairline-announce-flight-delays-due-to-technical-issues/ar-AA18MKTA?ocid=sprinklr_sch
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