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  2. 1. 9M-LRL 43012 / 7655 Delivered: 30 Sep 2022 2. 9M-LRM 43010 / 7576 Delivered: 21 Oct 2022 3. 9M-LRP 43014 / 7704 Delivered: 26 Oct 2022 4. 9M-LRS 42995 / 6448 Delivered: 30 Nov 2022 5. 9M-LRV 42998 / 6911 Delivered: 27 Sep 2022
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  4. UZBEKISTAN AIRWAYS EXPANDS MALAYSIA CAPACITY IN NW22 Uzbekistan Airways since late-November 2022 increased capacity for Malaysia service, as Tashkent – Kuala Lumpur moved from Airbus A321neo LR to Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, since 22NOV22. The airline operates this route twice weekly. HY553 TAS2300 – 0930+1KUL 787 5 HY553 TAS2355 – 1030+1KUL 787 2 HY554 KUL1100 – 1600TAS 787 6 HY554 KUL1200 – 1700TAS 787 3 The Boeing 787 service is currently scheduled until 13JAN23, switching back to A321neo LR from 17JAN23, although further changes remain likely.
  5. HND is popular because it is very near Tokyo - so transport is very convenient as there is no need to take express trains from Narita. Most airlines that bought the A35K are using them as B744 or B77W replacements - I believe MH had problems filling up their B744 flights previously. Post pandemic, demand is lower and I am not sure if the A35K will be needed unless those QR NTUs are offered at very attractive discounts. MH can only probably exploit the capacity only on the LHR route in summer.
  6. I think the A333s are not that much inferior to the A339 for flights that are less than 5 hours - the only benefit MH can get out of the A339 is for longer flights and also the modern Airbus Airspace cabin. However, a big advantage of a future A339 fleet would be its ability to service the KUL-AKL route without restrictions. Although the current A333s are not that old, the PW engines are not as good as the RR Trent 700 and may be getting expensive to maintain.
  7. Yes, this merger was discussed at AGMs of Airasia X some years ago, when its share price started tanking. But the merger makes even more sense now - they are doing what Scoot and Tigerair did - the resulting efficiencies in managing short and long haul operations will benefit both airlines.
  8. AirAsia X seeks to merge with Capital A’s aviation arm AirAsia, confirms The Edge report | The Edge Markets Very interesting - anyone saw this coming ?! 😀
  9. Yesterday November 28, 2022 was 9M-MNB's turn to return to Airbus. MSN081 has landed in Tarbes, France for further storage/ scrapping. Three more to go: 9M-MNA (MSN078), 9M-MNE (MSN094) and 9M-MNF (MSN114) Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=483745410407314&set=pcb.483745510407304 Flightradar24 Tracking: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/9m-mnb
  10. They can recall back 9M-FYB msn814 and 9M-FYE msn840, currently listed without new owner or lease some extra airframes from OD, saw at least six parked at far end on the apron at SZB two days ago when I flew out of SZB, all wrapped up.
  11. Well, with the recent mind-blowing newly set-up company getting national defense contract, with doubtful credentials and experience that is, this two-to-five years timeline should be in line to hoodwink the public a two-to five-years old company "should" and "must" be able to handle a big project. Need to set up a new company to grease the process, earn commission and after sales service (if it ever exist). Malaysia Boleh!
  12. In competition with the recent launched Firefly for this route, although it will be done by ID instead of OD.
  13. I think it often gets forgotten that MH’s A333’s aren’t actually that old, the first one -MTA is only a fraction over 11years old. The J product is only 6 years old and most of them have been repainted in the past 18months. They are the perfect workhorse for regional flights, it’s just a shame that the Y product is so dated compared to their closest competitor. The A332’s are a different story, but they were an opportune acquisition when they became available at short notice, with minimal expenditure on the interiors.
  14. BATIK AIR MALAYSIA NS23 MELBOURNE OPERATIONS – 27NOV22 Batik Air Malaysia in Northern summer 2023 season is adjusting service to Melbourne. From 30MAR23, the airline once again operates nonstop Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne service with Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Previously reported on AeroRoutes, the airline during Northern winter 2022/23 season is offering limited-time nonstop service from 06DEC22 to 06FEB23. Planned operation during Northern summer 2023 season as follows. 30MAR23 – 30APR23 1 daily 23JUN23 – 11JUL23 1 daily 12JUL23 – 13SEP23 3 weekly (Day 137) 16SEP23 – 03OCT23 1 daily 08OCT23 – 30OCT23 3 weekly (Day 137) OD173 KUL1010 – 2005MEL 7M8 OD174 MEL2335 – 0510+1KUL 7M8 The airline continues to operate 1 daily Kuala Lumpur – Denpasar – Melbourne service
  15. BATIK AIR ADDS BANDA ACEH – PENANG SERVICE FROM DEC 2022 Batik Air from December 2022 is adding new service to Malaysia, which sees the airline schedules Jakarta – Banda Aceh – Penang service, with Airbus A320. First flight is scheduled on 15DEC22, followed by 1 daily flight from 17DEC22. ID6698 CGK0600 – 0845BTJ0930 – 1140PEN 32A D ID6699 PEN1230 – 1240BTJ1320 – 1615CGK 32A D
  16. Interesting that HND/NRT flights generate that much demand right now; granted Japan recently reopened but JL/NH has been slow to restore services to Malaysia compared to other parts of SE Asia or US. JL restored daily flights but with smaller aircraft (788 instead of 789). I hope they reuse that BNE capacity elsewhere as there is only 40 seats available per week/direction between MY and AU (PER, BNE, SYD, MEL). I would expect QR 35Ks to come at a discount? Since it's all fitted with QR's cabin and configuration. I recall TK and LH taking in SU and PR's 359s. I am curious if there are any sanctioned/canceled 359s that MH can pick up easily/for cheap. Oddly enough, those off-brand business class is better than LH/TK's original business class. I don't know how bi/tri-lateral works for QR/MY/AU air services agreement. But if QR is only allowed 3 daily into AU's big 4 cities, it doesn't make sense to go via KUL since that will still mean 4 daily QR-AU flights. The only exception is what QR is doing right now DOH-MEL/SYD-CBR. Replace CBR with any non SYD/MEL/BNE/PER and it'll work (same goes for Malaysian carriers).
  17. https://simpleflying.com/qatar-airways-brisbane-australia/ for context..
  18. Perhaps in the case of BNE, new collaboration with a partner like QR who might shift their metal DOH-KUL-BNE vv instead.. rumour was heard that this capacity shift and augmentation might occur.. currently QR operates 1* daily to BNE from DOH.
  19. An evening/night departure from Singapore would definitely be welcomed, the only current option is an AK flight which leaves around 7-8pm. Aircraft No.4 -MLJ is painted in FY livery and presumably is still being reconfigured.
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  21. Damn long wait. Same with our LCA batch 1. Nearly 2 years to study and 1 year for tender. Other countries like indonesia and Philippines the tender process can be as quick as 3months and study is only less than a year. I recall our aerotrain replacement project has already been discussed since 2017. I hope they dont say they studied it for 5 years and just say financial/funding issue Lol We seriously need to overhaul how we procure stuff cause they just drag too long or we will be left out.
  22. End user usually at gov's wit with this. The one that offer most bumiputera job creation, local technology transfer and bundle deals would be proceeded instead of how reliable and long term usage it benefits the enduser. I highly doubt mh would take all the optional 20. It may execute a few of it if budget allows so. If it cant the old a333 would soldier on. Even the atr72-600 they ordered 30 if i recall back, they took less than half. The 738 orders also included many options not all were executed. Quite common for manufacturers to bundle in a lot of potential options for clients. Mab so called mild expansion plan requires 33 widebody. For now it has about 27. So short of 6 for expansion. A350s almost daily have been brought up and discussed for MEL, HND, NRT and they're short of 2-3 to accommodate the following above consistently. AKL is among the first few places prioritized for 330neo handover as well with 350 was not suited there. The a35k sounds very suiting especially for LHR for the potential extra 30 seats. But i don't have the inside info on its operational cost difference over the a359. If you notice not many airline took the a35k unless they're primed for super long distance flights. It may be wise for mh to maybe provided finances is not an issue. Take the usual 20 a339, then for the 20 optional to take 5-6 additional a339 plus 2 more a359. For a total of 25 to 26 a339 and 8 a359. For cargo Maskargo current 332f are range constricted compared to the b763f they would also have to look whether replacing them 3-4 a350f would suit it. So far airbus has not made any improvements to the a332f range with 40tonnes of payload but i doubt this would be part of the 20 optional.
  23. Couldn't find a thread on FY (since most of the time it's lumped in MAS' Privatisation topic). FY applied for 1x daily PEN-KNO and 2x daily SIN-PEN. Seems like a much better option than 2/3x weekly on MH. But where do they get the planes from tho?
  24. So we get a new Aerotrain system in........2025?! https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2022/09/05/klia-aerotrain-upgrade-to-be-completed-by-march-2025 https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2022/09/05/new-aerotrains-for-klia-by-2025/
  25. They should try to re-schedule one fo the LGK's flights. It's 1.5 hours of each other.
  26. We shall see. New administration promised some austerity measures so we shall see which department gets the biggest cut. Defense spending has been quite abysmal. When you say hands off with airlines but do they decide which planes say MAB get based on specifications/needs from the airline itself or what incentives they get for purchasing that particular aircraft 😉. 20 plus 20 seems more reasonable, but really no 359/35K/789s? No expansion into Europe (I'll leave US/Canada out for now) in the medium term? I remember reading that QR rejected deliveries of their 35Ks. I doubt a lot of passengers will complain if they sub MH's current 359s with QSuite fitted 35Ks.
  27. It is to be expected for a small company. Some of the kk to kl flights were priced at 700 something return. The pricing algorithm needs a lot of tuning when it comes to surge purchases.
  28. Seems like TK is getting the bulk of EU-MY traffic (I prefer a 11-2 split instead of a 6-7 [flying time in hours] split with Gulf carriers). In other related news, KLM will scale back its KUL operations beginning Summer 2023 schedule. Initially the plan was to fly AMS-KUL-CGK daily but it has now been reduced to 3x weekly (winter 22/23 is 4x weekly). I can't imagine crew cost for this flight. Day 1: AMS-KUL, Day 2-4: KUL; Day 4: KUL-CGK-KUL; Day 6/7: KUL-AMS!
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