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  2. Based on pax traffic, only PEN and BKI expansions are justified. Is the old KUA airport to become a military base or is it going to be taken over by some greedy developer?
  3. It makes me wonder have they done the proper business case study, especially for project this scale. Hope not another white elephant in making.
  4. I saw maybe 4 or 5 wide body sitting in MH's hangar this morning. Seems like they are really short on aircraft. MH52 and 66 departed early this morning to KIX/ICN respectively where as MH 715 to DPS (A333) has been canceled for the past few days. MH 52 used the A333 from BOM (MH195) where as MH 66 used MH 140 from SYD. And it appears that most India 737 arrivals are parked at the C gates now - are there short of available bays in the morning at the G/H gates or is it due to ease of beyond connections for India flights (mostly going to Australia and DPS)?
  5. Miss the good 'ol MH 6 (FRA), 10 (VIE), 16 (AMS), 20 (CDG), 30 (IST), 94 (TPE-LAX), 98 (DXB-EWR), 201 (JNB-CPT-EZE), and 203 (JNB-CPT).
  6. How many people actually fly to KUA? There maybe an occasional flight from PEN, SIN but that's about it? I'd take a guess that MH's KUL-KUA are mostly connecting pax?
  7. I thought the 350s weren't planned for AKL? Seeing how MH hasn't announced any new long-haul flights for Summer 2024, I guess it's safe to assume that they won't be launching new European destinations in 2024. I guess 9M-MAB-G will work for LHR and the rare AKL swap. Question is, if they have to swap one of the frames out, how will they handle passenger downgrades from F to J. I think most people care about the seat more than the second meal. Seat is visual where as meal isn't as visual when you look for comfort. But of course, MH being an Asian airline serves a full second meal for flights >10h. Now that you mention it, I don't recall being served a second hot meal on SK flights. It was usually some cold cuts or sandwich (which in their defense was quite good). Their eastbound redeye usually consist of a hot meal after take off and a continental breakfast or some eggs dish were offered prior to landing. SK flights rarely exceed 10 hours - their longest flight is probably LAX/SFO/TYO. I do recall seeing crew sitting in Economy for take off/landing/rest, but I am not 100% positive if it was SK.
  8. Here is quick rundown on AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia X A330-300/900 previous and current fleet:
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  10. According to the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act 1963, MAS should be prosecuted for they way national flag is displayed. https://www.malaysia.gov.my/portal/content/138
  11. Does that leave just leave -XXC and -XXD parked at KL all wrapped up Bhai?
  12. The actual location is nearer to Cherating, rather than Gebeng itself. It will be connected with ECRL Cherating stop. A huge aetropolis city development undertaken by Pahang government.
  13. Interesting but has anyone heard anything about the new KUA airport?
  14. I wonder if it has its own special inflight safety card. It did its last flight under AXM on October 28, 2023 as AK883 from DMK.
  15. BC Tam

    BKI 2021

    Anyone has any idea what this 'T7SABAH' is ? 😀
  16. Thanks Chris. Looking at the reports of these on MH its really poor considering the amount of money you pay,
  17. It was formerly XXW - its coming home, now almost 9 years old but mostly in hibernation for the past two plus years!
  18. Seems VVA is returning to AirAsiaX... https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2023/12/06/aax-streamlines-fleet
  19. Looks like masterplan to expand BKI's current location is also in play. Same company handling KBR's current expansion and upcoming PEN. Also note TWU is also on their masterplan. BKI TWU KBR PEN MAHB Airport Masterplans For Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Tawau
  20. Deflating seats aren't uncommon. I've also heard of deflating issues on LX J which is from the same manufacturer. While not the same product, AC's 787 and 777 J is famous for having a deflating issue.
  21. Have seen on several reports on FB groups regarding issues with the A350 J seats. It seems to be a long running issue whereby the seat airbags deflate rendering the seats extremely uncomfortable and unusable. It seems that an emergency air mattress/seat cover can be inflated by the crew but isn’t a good work around. My understanding is that the seats were an off the shelf product however I haven’t heard of such reports from other airlines. Any idea what the cause of this is?
  22. I think since the B733 days Sabah was the one of the very few key areas that helped them. But looking at market viability on long term the flights Ak is doing is also uncertain cause everything they're doing is just undercutting costs until the bottom barrel and hoping the volume run and auxiliary sales does the rest. MYR(something Tony has mentioned as well) is not improving and the population drive from Sabah is still very low. Foreigners like South Koreans tend to stick with their own preferable airlines. Everything is still plug and pull for now.
  23. Unlikely to lose seats as the galley just needs some more storage to hold food but this also takes up a huge bill. As for new builds if they are to source them it will only enter the fleet in 2026 tops. Thats how long the waiting list is nowadays.
  24. No wonder he has dedicated a special livery aircraft for Sabah - they came to Airasia's aid in times of need whereas others just wash their hands. Sarawak didn't offer much help to them during Covid-19 lockdown - so they will need to make decisions based on the business case.
  25. Well if they mod the galley, they will lose pax seating. But if they want to standardise the fleet, they need to do it. I guess it depends on their network requirements. I think it is probably better to get brand new builds if they plan to fly the aircraft to other European cities. Their new build standard is more efficient and can carry higher payloads too.
  26. It can do 8-9hours(which usually is a 1meal with options plus 1 snack/pie type of serving). Full Galley reconfiguration can fix this but judging how cash sensitive MH is they're unlikely to do this. As for Thai they're gearing to modify theirs middle of next year.
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